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We made all kind of inserts for Plastic Injection Mold & other Industries. Heat/Ultrasonic and Pressed-In Inserts are the most popular. Our inserts are made from Brass, Aluminum, & Stainless Steel. Free samples are available upon requested.

Manufacturing Precision Parts with Swiss Automatic Lathe.

AVF Inserts

We manufacture products based on customer's design, our products diameter range from 0.5 mm to 32 mm ( 1.25 inches )


Heat / Ultrasonic Inserts

Being the most popular option for thermoplastic insert installation, heat/ultrasonic inserts can be fitted into pre-formed holes by melting the plastic as they are being inserted.  Heat insertion uses a thermal press to melt the periphery of the hole.

Mold-In Inserts

Mold-in insertion provides the best performance in terms of both torque and pull-out resistance.  This method places inserts over the pins during the molding process.

Press In Inserts

Press-in insertion is the most economical option when it comes to inserts because it only requires a standard press machine to press the inserts into pre-formed holes, eliminating the need for other expensive auxiliary equipment.

Self-Tapping Inserts

One of the best inserts in terms of pull-out performance for post-mold installation.

Threaded Stud Inserts

Can be ordered as straight or tapered, in various lengths, and with or without threads.

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