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In the field of making plastic parts, in order for them to have reusable threads and strong joints, metal threaded inserts are the option of choice,  Metal threaded inserts are mainly fitted into plastic molds, where screws can be installed to securely hold plastic parts together.  Oftentimes, brass is the most popular material for inserts due to its ability to maintain tread life for a long period of time as well as providing a secured base after being installed.  However, aluminum and stainless steel can also be used in place of brass depending on the application, especially in lead-free environment.


Generally, inserts are being used in two main types of plastics – thermoplastic and thermoset plastic.  Thermoplastic is solid at normal operating temperature and becomes softer as heat is being applied.  It can be remolded or recycled without altering its physical properties since the curing process is reversible and there is no chemical bonding.  Thus, it works extremely well with thermal or ultrasonic installation.  On the other hand, thermoset plastic contains cross-link polymers, in which they help thermoset plastic to keep its structure after the curing process.  This chemical property prevents thermoset plastic from melting during heat or thermal applications.  Therefore, mold-in or cold pressing the inserts are the more practical options for thermoset plastic.


 At AVF Inserts, we offer a wide range of inserts – heat/ultrasonic, mold-in, press-in, self-tapping, and threaded studs.  Our inserts can be made in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, depending on our customers’ specifications, including custom orders.  Proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in Swiss precision turning parts in the country as well as having more than 20 years of experience in this field, we are confident and always stand by the quality of our products through the use of Swiss technology and machinery.



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best Inserts in Vietnam


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